Why do people travel? - Review ZynTravel

Everyone has a different reason for traveling. For some it is the warm people they meet on vacation. For others it is the incredible sights and views. What gives you the inspiration to take a trip away from the ordinary?

Personally one of my favorite reasons to travel is to stow away wine and avoid excessive baggage fees. And one of my least treasured reasons for traveling to exotic and distant locals is the sore muscles I get from carrying around my partner’s excessive souvenirs.

What do I bring my friends and associates from my travels? Great pictures of me mugging in front of famous sites, or hiking, skiing or even sometimes biking. If I want to be really cruel, I’ll show the photos of me and my partner receiving much deserved massages in the resort in which we stayed that weekend.

But most of all the greatest thing that we bring back from our travels is the STORIES. And that is what this site is about. Getting away on trips with ZynTravel deals, packages and perks to explore the world!

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