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This is an attempt to highlight the score of reviews that have been causing a bit of a stir in the Travel MLM industry. These are all actual comments collated here from the website managed by Jesse Singh.

Here is a sampling of those ZynTravel Reviews that created the highest number and most heated comments :

Mary says

October 15, 2015

I am so glad you invited input from people who are already members of Zyn Travel, as I am one. This is a Travel Club, which offers hotels, time-shares, cruises, resorts, excursions etc. with good discounts. I joined along with several relatives, as we all like to travel together. None of us have been hard-pressed to recruit, although support is readily available if we would like to do so. Most of us are working full time jobs, have busy, comfortable lives, and are not in this organization to earn a sustainable income. The primary appeal for us is the discounted Travel. Now that the search engine is live, it is easy to compare prices to other travel sites, and I am excited about the discounts I am finding!

I know several of the leaders of this company, have met them personally, and they have been consistently kind, helpful and professional in my dealings with them. I find some of the comments here hard to believe, as I have contacted support numerous times and always had a response and fix to my problem within 24 hours. As for the person making vicious, hateful comments about Anthony Powell, I personally know someone who has worked with Anthony closely for over a decade. This person was penniless when they started, and now a high 6-figure annual earner. He attributes his success and happiness to what he has learned from Anthony Powell.

The reason there is not a lot of detailed information available “publicly” right now, is because the company is in Pre-Launch. After Launch, Roll-Out and other phases of development, I think more benefits will become easy to see. In my opinion, each person needs to be clear about their own expectations, level of commitment, and desired outcomes from their participation.

Jesse, Thanks again for the opportunity to share my own views and experiences! Personally, I would encourage anyone who is interested in travel to approach this company with an open mind and realistic expectations; you may be pleasantly surprised!

Nancy comments on October 3rd, 2015:

I signed up for Zyndio upon the recommendation of my sister, who was literally given $500 cash by someone to sign up. Because of the lack of information coming to me directly, I decided to get a refund of the $469.98 that I paid for a founder’s membership. The phone number on my credit card statement goes to a full voicemail. Not good. The “refunds” link on the website goes nowhere. My emails have gone unanswered.  I have now involved my credit card company to dispute the charge and get my refund. In addition, i cancelled my card, because one of the things noted in the sign up is a recurring monthly fee to all affiliates of $19.99 or $29.99/month.

Gina K responds:

Well considering the fact the company hasn’t launched yet and its in PRE-LAUNCH no all of the links won’t work, but there is a support email you can use. Big mistake leaving though. The biggest problem most have is they believe all of the negative stuff out there and base all of their decisions on that alone. That is what it sounds like you did. The system does work, but YOU have to work it. No one is going to GIVE you everything. It’s YOUR business. So put your big girl pants on and stop believing everything you hear. Make the decisions on your own.

Lola says

I recently dropped from the company as well. I recommend going to their customer service section (it works well), or help desk and sending them an email that way. It worked for me and i got a full refund.

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