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As more and more people are becoming seasoned worldwide travelers, it stands to reason travel sites are rising to the meet the needs of these people and offer them incentives to book vacations through their sites. At present, there are more travel discount sites than ever before so it can be a little overwhelming choosing one that will offer the best results. Today, we will look at two promising sites that provide deep discounts for vacations. Expedia and ZynTravel both offer substantial travel discounts,but how do they measure up against one another?

Expedia has a lot going for it. It was introduced by Microsoft about fifteen years ago and has continued to rise in popularity since then. This site offers an enjoyable experience that is easy to navigate. All you have to do is put in your information and the site searches for the best travel deals. Seems easy enough,right? While this site is used by millions of people, many have found it does not quite live up to the full blissful experience it promises.

Dining Out Travel Reviews ExpediaAlthough Expedia offers a low price guarantee, you will have to carry out some extensive research to ensure you are getting the lowest price. They will honor their price guarantee but most people do not want to take the time to find out whether or not they are being offered the lowest price because they
do not want to carry out the legwork. With Expedia, you can save money on booking your travel and can earn points to use towards free travel. Although they offer an arsenal of tools and have been crowned the king of travel discounts in the eyes of many, there are other travel sites that offer a better experience but are not being given the recognition because they are not owned by Microsoft. ZynTravel is one of these sites.

ZynTravel is more than a discount travel site so many visitors are surprised when they read through the membership information. Although there is a fee for membership, most people save so much on their travel expenses they are able to get their money back in as little as one booking. They offer savings of up to 85% on travel which makes them formidable competition against sites like Expedia who are at the
whim of offering what is advertised through the Internet. Since ZynTravel has a special relationship with hundreds of resorts and hotels, they can offer deals that are not available through other travel sites.

Although ZynTravel does not have all of the tools Expedia offers, they make up for it in ease of use. The site is fully streamlined and simple to use. Within a couple of clicks, you can book a vacation. With ZynTravel, you can also actually earn money instead of only being able to earn points like you can with
Expedia. Some people have even been able to quit their jobs and travel for a living through the membership benefits they receive with ZynTravel.

While Expedia is a superb service to use for those who simply want to get the lowest price for their vacations, those who are looking for more than simple savings will find the opportunities available through ZynTravel to be worth their while. While both serve a purpose that is unmatched by other sites, ZynTravel simply provides more incentive for travelers who are ready to take it to the next level.

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