Zyntravel offers you both financial freedom and a chance to see the world

If you have been looking for an affiliate marketing partner in the travel industry but haven’t had any luck locating one that works, you are not alone. There are many travel related affiliate marketing plans out there, but few deliver what they promise. Take a moment and read our¬†ZynTravel review. Today, you are in luck because Zyndio, an award-winning travel company, is now offering an incredible plan geared toward affiliates! Zyndio has launched Zyntravel, an easy to use website that helps people find amazing travel deals at amazing rates! But the best part is you can get paid to direct people to their site.

How Do I Become A ZynTravel Associate?

The travel industry is huge! According to the U.S. Travel Association, the travel industry generates around $2.1 trillion dollars every year. With all that money circulating, why not get your share of the pie? This is where the ZynTravel affiliate programs come in. Zyndio has built a state-of-the-art automatic marketing system that is both easy to use and will help you generate tons of commissions. One of the best parts about the ZynTravel is that you can join their program at several different levels.

ZynTravel Membership Levels

If you are new to MLM, and you want to test the waters, a great way to do so is by joining at the silver club membership level. For only $49.99, you will have a chance to make up to 25% commission on the sales you generate. Plus, you will get the opportunity to receive an affiliate bonus that puts even more money in your pocket! This is a great rate for someone just starting out with the company. The medium ranged membership is you guessed it the gold club membership.

Vacation destination with ZynTravelWhen you sign up for this level at $199.99, you open up a larger commission rate of 50%! Not many travel affiliate programs offer that high of a commission rate. But it does not stop there! The platinum club membership that costs $449.99 gives you a 100% commission rate that is unheard of. This level also rewards you with a considerable $750 travel credit that you can use to go on that dream vacation you have always wanted.

So What Are You Waiting For?

ZynTravel offers you both financial freedom and a chance to see the world. The money you will make with this affiliate program can support your family while living the life you have always dreamed of! By joining this amazing affiliate program, you will get to save up to 85% on more than 200,000 hotels and resorts worldwide. This will give you the freedom to travel whenever you want while running your business at the same time. If this sounds like the life you want, why not make a move in the right direction?

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